Our Mission: To provide you with the necessary open source CRM and web-based customer relationship management software and also provide your organization with strategies for creating and sustaining the relationships you have with your valued customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is a corporate level strategy, focusing on creating and maintaining relationships with customers. Several commercial CRM software packages are available which vary in their approach to CRM. However, CRM is not a technology itself, but rather a holistic approach to an organisation's philosophy, placing the emphasis firmly on the customer.

CRM governs an organization's philosophy at all levels, including policies and processes, front of house customer service, employee training, marketing, systems and information management. CRM systems are integrated end-to-end across marketing, sales, and customer service.

A CRM system should:

  • Identify factors important to clients.
  • Promote a customer-oriented philosophy
  • Adopt customer-based measures
  • Develop end-to-end processes to serve customers
  • Provide successful customer support
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Track all aspects of sales
  • Create a holistic view of customers' sales & services information

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